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Established in May of 2017, Daniel Vincent began a full-service brokerage, called ‘The Equipment Place, LLC’. Prior to launching his business, Daniel worked as an equipment broker for over 5 years as a Regional Manager and Outside Sales Representative, where he was highly trained in the fields of advertising, marketing, and sales. The Equipment Place, LLC was established with a determination to effectively manage both the sales and purchases of Heavy Equipment across the Inland Northwest, and in turn, has far exceeded that goal by executing business in ways that are much more productive, and provide much better results for his customers. Subsequently, The Equipment Place, LLC has proved itself a number one choice for handling any and all of your equipment needs.

‘The Equipment Place, LLC’ is a locally owned business established in the Spokane area in 2017. We service the Northwestern United States including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. We are a full-service brokerage that handles the complete task of selling equipment from beginning to end. We specialize in selling previously-owned Heavy Equipment such as Construction Equipment, Agricultural Machinery, Logging Equipment, Trucks, and Trailers. We are here, “For All Your Equipment Needs!” whether it be our services of helping you liquidate the equipment that you have that you want to sell, or helping you locate equipment you are wanting to purchase for your fleet.

The Equipment Place, LLC can be highly relied upon when tackling tasks surrounding that of Heavy Equipment. Daniel Vincent has been in the excavating business for over 25 years and brings forth to the table an extensive background of expertise. Knowing the importance of grounding a business that is both cohesive and efficient, he has established a team of individuals that are highly skilled and trained in the fields of customer service, sales, and knowledge of heavy equipment. They are proficient in handling the full purchase and sales of Heavy Equipment, and they excel in contributing to the overwhelming amount of success through their financing, advertising, marketing, and customer service talents. They share a wide background of experience, all contributing to the success of our services and gratified customers. Please contact us with any questions you have so that we can make you a part of our already large network of satisfied buyers and sellers!

Why sell with us ?






The service is FREE! When you use the Equipment Place to sell your heavy equipment, the price you agree to sell your heavy equipment for, is the amount you will receive when the equipment sells. No commissions or fees of any kind will come out of your payment. We protect you from scams. Your payment is 100% guaranteed and will be provided to you before your equipment leaves your possession.
Absolutely Nothing! The Equipment Place offers the complete task and full service of handling your needs! From beginning to end, we will sell your Equipment for the agreed upon price. We handle the complete task of selling equipment from beginning to end, including a visual inspection, photographing equipment, mass advertising among multiple platforms, handling all incoming calls, showing the equipment in person, collecting payment, and coordinating the pickup of equipment sold.
The Equipment Place takes the inconvenience out of selling your equipment! We understand that your time is valuable, and ultimately, we want to put your time back into YOUR hands! Trust The Equipment Place to handle the complete task of selling your equipment from initial inspection, to the closing of sale.
Equipment sitting, and rusting is of no benefit to you, or anyone else. Don’t let equipment that you are no longer using sit and rust when they can be of use elsewhere! Trust The Equipment Place to move the equipment that you are no longer using into the hands of someone who needs it, turning their needs into your cash return!

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